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The National Coalition created the Unity Campaign model in 1998 to reinvigorate its 80 membership organization base, 12 state-based affiliates, Black Women’s Roundtable and Black Youth Vote Networks. The Unity Campaign model was also designed to cultivate new partnerships and develop new ways to attract and share resources. What makes the Unity model unique and effective, is the ability of The National Coalition to maintain a coordinated, constituency-based integrated voter engagement campaign year-round utilizing national and state-based coordinating committees.

In 2016, with so much at stake, NCBCP launched the Unity 16 Campaign, we knew that The 2016 Presidential Election would determine whether our nation moved forward building upon a hope and change agenda or moved back to a dark period of exclusion where the wealth gap continues to rise, the poverty rate increases, the middle class dissolves and voting rights are repressed for minorities, the elderly, immigrants, and youth. In 2016 the nation elected the 45th president, 435 members of the U. S. House of Representative, 34 U. S. Senators, 12 state governors and 88 of the 99 state legislative chambers; and 41 of the 100 largest cities and municipal governments.

The National Coalition on Black Civic Participation (NCBCP), and a number of its partners and allies spent the weekend of January 27 and 28 “going deep” to analyze what happened in the local, state and national 2016 elections.  The “Black Politics & Power Building Organizing Convening (2017 – 2022),” was held in Atlanta, GA to engage in critical strategy discussions to expand, build and increase Black civic, political and voting power in the South and other key states across the nation.

The inter-generational organizing sessions included; Developing a Strategy to Fund Our Own Politics; Leveraging Our Voting & Political Power in a Trump Presidency & 115th Congress; Expanding Our Voting & Political Power in the States; and Organizing for Census 2020/The Redistricting Key for Economic & Political Empowerment in Black America. The National Coalition will continue it’s Unity Black Voter Empowerment Campaign through 2022, organizing work through it’s coalition of leaders focused on Census Redistricting, Mid-term elections in 2018, the Presidential Election in 2020, and working to increase Black civic, political and voting power in the South and other key states across the nation.

The Unity 2017 -2022 Campaign seeks to develop leaders who will promote policies that improve the quality of life in Black and under-served communities across the nation. 

National Coalition on Black Civic Participation
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